Fire Alarms in Bury and Tameside

Raydaw Fire Protection have provided servicing and maintenance for our customers for over 20 years. Our vision is to provide excellent services to fulfil the expectations of our valued clients. We believe in providing excellent customer service to every customer, as well as the highest quality fire safety equipment available in Bury and Tameside.


Raydaw is a leading name in the fire safety industry thanks to continuous innovations in terms of both training and equipment, and we pride ourselves on being the very best choice for our clients. Our professional team are well-equipped, and they are responsible for upgrading your fire prevention equipment in an efficient and timely manner. We always ensure that any equipment we install is working correctly once installation is complete. We offer a wide range of fire safety services as well as top quality products to give you the best protection from any potential fire.




Raydaw's fire alarm maintenance and repair services will help to ensure the safety of your valuable assets. Fire alarms are an important thing to consider in terms of the safety of your home or commercial building. At Raydaw, high-quality installation and maintenance services are available for fire alarms in Tameside as well. Our high-quality products provide you with excellent fire protection and complete peace of mind. We will happily set up a maintenance schedule for you, whether you are looking for weekly, quarterly or annual maintenance.

This includes a detailed survey of your fire safety system to ensure that your building is in line with current fire prevention standards. Our experts all have detailed knowledge of fire safety systems which they have gained through years of experience, enabling them to complete installations and maintenance work efficiently and to a high standard. All of our installation and maintenance services are available at very competitive prices. Give us a call at 0800 840 2067 to book your free consultation today.