If your organisation employs five or more people, your premises are licensed or an alterations notice is in force, it is necessary to carry out a fire risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan to comply with current legislation.

On all commercial premises there must be a "responsible person", who must carry out the provisions of fire safety regulations. In almost all cases, this is the employer and/or owner of the workplace or premises. Anybody who has any degree of control over the premises or a part of the premises can be designated a "responsible person".

The responsible person must make sufficient assessment of the risks posed to all people on the premises. This should identify potential sources of ignition (e.g. heaters, naked-flames etc.), sources of fuel (e.g. display material, paper and fabric, stocked products, waste etc.), sources of oxygen (e.g. compressed gases, natural ventilation, forced air circulation etc.) It should identify the people at risk (e.g. those working near to fire hazards, those working alone or in isolated areas, children, parents, elderly, infirm and disabled people etc.) 

If your premises or business activities are complex, you may not feel confident in fully assessing the risks involved. Many businesses are unable to commit the time and effort required to complete a fire risk assessment properly. This is where Fire Protection Services Northwest can help. We offer professional fire risk assessments at affordable prices throughout the Northwest UK. Call  for a no obligation quote on 0800 840 2067